About Brandon

If you see 25-year old Brandon Stiles, get ready to witness one of the most rockin’ shows in the Southeast.  Brandon’s musical journey started at age seven with the oldies and his dad’s electric guitar. He grew up playing along with old Beatles and Johnny Cash records, and even as he progressed into the country rock realms of Keith Urban and Brad Paisley, his early pop influences (along with all their catchy guitar hooks) remained firmly engrained in the songs he began to write. After years of studying and learning from the greats, Brandon took to the stage, mesmerizing audiences everywhere he went with his energetic live performances and ability to reel in a crowd.

Since starting his professional career at the age of seventeen, Brandon has worked with some of the best artists in his hometown Atlanta, playing and writing with members of established artists such as the Zac Brown Band, Sister Hazel, and Corey Smith.

Brandon also is a member of Atlanta wedding band Uptown Down Entertainment, performing with them at weddings and private events through cities like Atlanta, Charleston, and Nashville.

Even with all the songwriting and guitar playing, Brandon still brings the same intensity to every single stage he steps on. You can bet that whether it is an audience of 10 or 10,000, Brandon will capture every last listener in the crowd!